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Environmental Policy

The directors of JFT Comunicación state through this policy that the compliance with environmental performance and pollution prevention are among the strategic principles of the company in the area of “Advertising Services.”

In order to do so, JFT Comunicación establishes, declares and assumes responsibility for the following:

Protecting the environment through the responsible use of resources as a tool to prevent adverse environmental impacts, and in doing so, helping to protect the natural surroundings against damage and degradation. 

Incorporating the Environmental Management System by providing the company with the necessary resources for both its proper function as well as its continuous improvement in preventing pollution.

The sustainable use of natural resources, promoting energy savings and preventing against contamination.

Effectively communicating the contractual requirements and the requirements of the Environmental Management System to suppliers and employees in a complete and timely manner.

Promoting the correct and effective environmental practices of the company, in addition to generating environmental awareness among both employees, through specialized training, as well as among clients, through our own practices.

The active integration and cooperation of the entire company. In order to achieve this, the directors consider motivation and training in environmental policy to be a top priority.




            ·Reasserting the commitment to comply with the applicable legal requirements, along with other requirements that JFT Comunicación deems relevant to its environmental interests.


This policy serves as a framework in establishing the environmental objectives of the company, as it is implemented, maintained, updated, reviewed and communicated to all interested parties.